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New-Gen Gaming PC & Custom Computers

Geek Pulse was founded by a team of passionate geeks. At GeekPulse.me, we are always looking to improve our products with new technologies and mods like overclocking, liquid cooling and LED lights. Our team is highly skilled and has expertise in computer hardware and software.

We provide computers series that are not available in traditional stores and we use only high quality components. Our engineering team focuses on cost-performance ratios to deliver the best performance at the best price according to needs. Don’t be fooled by specs, unlike most multinational companies, we balance the performance of each of our computers without compromise and we allow our customers to upgrade their PC without limitation:

  • Original, exclusive and quality products.
  • Best cost-performance ratios.
  • Series of computer customized by artists from Quebec/Canada.

Fans & Social networks

We are very attentive to our fans feedbacks, we regularly update our products following your recommendations and expectations. Follow Geek Pulse in social networks for gaming PC news and to discover our exclusive products.

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